Monday, April 26, 2010


2 weekends ago Riley and I flew to Boston while Mimi & Papa took care of the girls and Jack the dog. We had a blast during our 5 day get-away...eating the most delicious & most expensive sandwich ever purchased by two frugalists...a $25 lobster roll that was worth every penny. The sandwich was basically a toasted roll drenched in butter and then smothered with fresh, hot lobster meat, and a pile of fries to go a long with it. We also splurged on real Italian hot chocolate & $13 worth of Italian pastries...a chocolate chip canolli, a chocolate/mocha somthing-or-other, and rum soaked bread.

I'm totally kicking myself for not taking many pictures this weekend. We stayed with our friends, Sean & Meghan, & their newest edition, baby "Paddy." Meghan is a fabulous hostess, cook, baker, entertainer, &the best decorator I know, (she's thrifty too).

Another highlight of the trip was seeing Kyle again and meeting Andy. Both fellas took the bus up from NYC and spent Marathon Monday with us...cheering Riley & again, more eating!

Riley kicked butt during the marathon. He finished in 3:06 something and I it was the prettiest course I've ever seen. I got to watch him at mile 20 which is the beginning of the infamous "Heartbreak Hill" which is the last hill in a series of hills. It was also pretty amazing watching the elite runners, plowing through the course, and I was thrilled to see that the winning female was an Ethiopian!

And then on to my big race...the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon. I've run the race for the past 2 years that we've lived in Clarksville, and in fact, the day that we first drove into town was a race day, so we were able to see the runners as our welcome to Tennessee. Some friends and I (mainly other preggos) walked and jogged the course and had a blast. I've never trained with anyone before, and it was so much fun that I think trying to run one alone again will feel boring.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


With the awesome Spring weather Clarksville has been having lately, our family has been hiking quite a bit. The girls love exploring, fishing, and outdoor adventures...just like their parents, I guess :)