Friday, July 27, 2012

Orphanage Dream

I want to start an orphanage.

My childhood dream was to start an orphanage. At eight years old I pictured myself eighteen & growing gray and wrinkled living in a small African village holding, changing, feeding, nursing hundreds of babies and children.  When I met Riley and chose a life married to the military I knew that dream would have to wait, or perhaps never happen.

In the past few years God has restored my passion for orphans. In addition to sponsoring two children through Compassion International  we adopted from Ethiopia last September (2011).  As soon as Sol was with us for 6 months (May 2012), we began the process to adopt from Ethiopia again.

In the past month, however, God has restored my dream for orphans. I know that may sound surprising coming from someone who just adopted a beautiful boy from Ethiopia. To a lot of people it may look like I never lost my spark. The reality is, after three deployments with young kids, two years of paperwork & waiting, a move, and adjusting to life with four kids, this momma lost her dream of helping a village of hundreds of little ones. Excitingly, a month ago God began dropping "Congo" into my lap- through Facebook messages, conversations with friends, Congo gorillas at the Bronx zoo (random, I know), reading, & listening, etc. Quickly, it became clear to Riley and I that we were supposed to adopt from DRC... and now! We are currently working through kinks of transferring paperwork  from Ethiopia to Congo. Yes, the adoption is exciting! We are thrilled to welcome another child into our family, but what excites us the most is the potential to help those hundreds of other kids left behind- to give them hope. After 24 years I feel called to pursue my dream- an orphanage! Stay tuned!