Friday, August 23, 2013

Praising Him

Congo River

We found out a couple of hours ago that the Embassy has issued visas for both Josiah and Gideon!
 This is huge as it essentially means we are in the when, not if, stage of when the boys will be here.
That said, we still have some considerable unknowns. It is now very likely that Ry and I will be traveling to DRC in the next 10 days. Initial reports are that we both have to be physically present to submit our paperwork to DGM (the final Congolese approval authority for the boys' exit letters). We are hoping/praying that our in-country representative can submit that paperwork before our arrival to get the clock started. Importantly, we still do not know for sure if DGM will issue the exit letters with our current paperwork. It is possible (50/50?) that we will arrive there, submit the paperwork and then be told our paperwork is from the wrong courts. If that is the case, it could be several months before we could resubmit.
We are doing everything we can to confirm or deny that we have the right documents from the right courts BEFORE we leave. At the end of the day, God is big enough to make any paperwork "right" if He so desires. Please pray that is the case!
We will be discussing all of this in detail with our facilitator, Jilma, late this evening. We should have more clarity on travel dates after that. In the meantime, we are praising God for this huge step forward!