Monday, November 14, 2011

Spidey Night in NYC

Lynette, fantastic friend from our college days, met me at my house Friday morning and we took the train to the city for the day/evening. We had an amazing time together, and by the end of the evening my abs were sore from laughing so much with friends. Here we are in Grand Central Station eating gelato within 10 minutes of getting off the train!
Besides the bathroom & ordering gelato our first stop was meeting up with another college friend, Ben. Here he was graciously mapping out shopping & metro stops for Lynette & I. Clearly annoyed/embarrassed at all of our tourist picture taking.
Kyle & Ben met up with us early evening on the High Line to walk to dinner before the Spiderman show.
Kyle, wonderful food connoisseur led us to a fantastic pan Asian restaurant called Ember. Perfect!
Lynette's man, Steven, met up with us after work at the restaurant too...adding to the fun, laughter, and my sore abs.
College Buds 10 years later
Ben, me, Kyle, Lynette, Steven on the Spiderman stage while Kyle gave us a backstage tour after his FANTASTIC performance. Such a perfect day/night!

And where was Riley you ask? He gave me the day!!! He graciously took all 4 kids all day (besides his early morning hunt) & hosted cadets and his former Commander from Ft Campbell in the evening. Great day had by all!