Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adoption (#2) Update

After a couple visits to our home & then two hours of individual interviewing in New Jersey today, Ms. Pat (our local adoption specialist who helped bring Sol home) should have our homestudy (for adoption #2) completed early May. After the homestudy is complete we can apply for the I-600 (immigration pre-approving us to adopt again). Once we have the I-600 returned to us & a few other documents in hand we'll be ready to submit our dossier (the complete application that justifies to the Ethiopian government that we've been cleared for adoption). Deep breath.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Year

When I was in third grade I wanted to be a writer. I would spend hours creating mystery novels thinking I could write the next Nancy Drew novel.

In fourth grade, Mrs. Gates taught me that all the best writers stuck out their tongues when writing. Writers shouldn't think about spelling or order. Good writers just write- with their tongues hanging out of their mouths, or course.

In fifth grade my mom died and I journaled my soul onto lined pages.

Etc, etc, etc. until some years later into marriage I stopped.

Well, I've started journaling again (as of two days ago hahaha). Really, I don't know when or why I ever stopped, but, alas, somewhere along the way I got caught up with life and quit reflecting. In just the two days I've picked it up again I can't believe the healing powers of spilling my guts on paper. For one, it has helped me regain an attitude of thankfulness. A year ago I was praying that our house would sell, that we would receive a court date for Solomon & that Riley would make it home from Iraq for Easter. All that said, with reflecting I'm reminded of God's faithfulness in taking care of us. He took care of the 3 biggest burdens of my heart and that's a lot of be thankful for. Our house sold. Solomon is home & adjusted. Riley did make it home for Easter & it's hard to believe he's been home for an entire year!

A Year Ago

Second Homecoming

First Deployment