Heart for Congo

WHO is Heart for Congo?
We are a community of people raising awareness of the current state of DR Congo & bringing relief for those orphans in need, and particularly the children who will never be adopted & will remain in DRC. We will be partnering with a non-profit, Our Family in Africa, to fundraise for these children. The group was started by 3 West Point families (Riley & Michelle Post, Eric & Lana Thornburg, & Dave & Naomi Beskow) all currently in the process of adopting from the DR Congo. We have committed to 12 months of raising awareness & fundraising.

Because September and October were huge fundraising months we will be shifting our focus to raising awareness during the month of November. We will be sharing DRC facts & stats, hearing testimonies of changed lives, presenting information about the non-profit Our Family in Africa, & introducing our 3 local families currently in the process of adopting from the DRC- the Thornburgs, Beskows, & Posts (my family).

We have a heart for orphans- especially those that will never get adopted. We want to:
Raise awareness of the desperation in DRC
Raise money to bring relief to orphans in DRC
Instill hope in all people that one person can make a difference


OFA sends us a list of project needs. We choose one, make you aware, & work together to raise funds for the specific need.

Any donations received this month will be going towards finishing a girls’ boarding school in a village outside Kinshasa. This home will safely house & protect vulnerable orphan girls from the harsh realities of the capital city of Kinshasa. These girls will not be adopted. Your kind donations will help us provide ongoing food, water & education for girls that will call this place home.

If you would like to contribute financially you may do so on the home page via credit card or paypal. Click on the donate button. You may also write a tax deductible check to OFA & mail to me at my home address (send me a message if you don't have my address).

Together we raised over $11,000! Thank you!
September Project #1:Congo Carnival & Solar Panel Project
There is an orphanage in the capital city of Kinshasa that is unfinished. Children are living there, but there is no running water or electricity. The need is for a solar panel that costs roughly $5,000. This solar panel would provide them with electricity.

Sept 22 is my goal to raise the $5,000. On Sept we are launching the Congo Carnival, which is really just a glorified yard sale. People have donated items for us to sell. Along with that, we'll be grilling; we'll be selling hand-made crafts & baked goods; & we'll have silly carnival games.

October Project #2: Feeding orphanage in Eastern Congo for 1 year. Goal $12,000. Through bead parties, partnering with Outreach Uganda, 1 announcement made at a Michigan church, a 10-year-old Birthday party wish, 1 Open House, & 1 Fall Festival we exceeded our goal. Remaining monies will go toward finishing a kitchen in DRC.

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