Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Uncle Kylo

Uncle Kyle came for a visit over President's weekend. We love having this silly guy around. For one, he brings me the most delicious, thickest cookies in all of NYC. Secondly, he entertains the girls non-stop (and even watches them while I go for sunny runs in the middle of the day). And finally, he's just plain fantastic and we love him. So blessed to have someone in the family this close!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

social security

So I'm only able to share this now because I've had 5 days to recover & see how pathetic I must have looked but how faithful God is.

Last Wednesday Riley foraged websites & gathered paperwork to apply for Sol's social security card. He checked and double checked, organized the paperwork for me in beautiful military fashion, and even tacked a post-it on the front with directions and phone number for me.

Last Wednesday I called the SS office in Newburgh to verify documentation, directions, etc but like so many government offices I was transferred to recording after recording and getting nowhere.

Last Thursday morning was beautiful and the kids and I had happily played outside all morning. Thursday afternoon (after naps) I decided to load the kids and attempt this SS thing. After our 20 min drive I found a parking spot near where I thought was the SS building, but alas I had no quarters for the meter. I found a second parking spot in front of a bar where shady old men were giving me googly eyes and women were telling me that "no, it wasn't this building, it was that building over there but I could park down here instead." Oh, and I forgot the stroller. 30-45 minutes later of carrying Sol on my back in the Ergo (thank God I had that thing) and tubby Isaac in my arms up front (why didn't I think to switch them!!!) we found the correct building with 15 minutes to spare before closing.

Last Thursday at 315 I entered SS. After being told I was missing 1 paper and arguing that the website said what I had was sufficient and after talking to the highest of the highest and having Riley try via phone and many rejections later & blah blah 345 I packed us all up and was starting to head out the door when I accidentally dropped my keys. My fob split & plastic key top broke (don't ask me how that happened) & I ended up a crying heap of exhaustion on the floor with the sweet security officer apologizing to me and wishing my day to get better & my four kids staring wide-eyed at me because their mother had tears streaming down her face & a jaw as tight as a steel trap.

Fast forward to today- sweet Meghan kept all 4 kids for me, I was equipped with coffee & 2 binders full of every adoption paper & important document I owned. And while today's trip to SS took longer I think it was a success. We'll find out in 2 weeks when his card is supposed to arrive.

So, all that to say that there are definitely days when I want to quit; and I think "Why are we starting this process again? Our marriage won't survive the 2 stressful years of paperwork & waiting ahead of us. We don't even have all of Sol's paperwork in order yet. This is exhausting, hard, teeth-grinding stuff." Then God reminds me of the big picture- I see Sol and I can't imagine life without him and how he is worth every ounce of frustration & heartache that we endured and will endure. And I'm haunted by & burdened by & moved by all the other faces out there- peop;e worth fighting for. If Ellie, Saedi or Isaac were ever left as orphans wouldn't it be a tragedy if no one stepped up to mother & father them? There is great need & I can't walk away.


Monday, February 27, 2012

more geese

Goose season opened up for 3 weeks this past Saturday. Sure enough, Ry was out dark & early to make his kills.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Days of Old

Gella & her boyfriend Chris came in from Western NY for the weekend. It was so wonderful seeing my long-time friend again. They got in Thursday night and Gella and I stayed up way later than we should catching up and reminiscing. I had obligations for Friday morning, so Gella & Chris went exploring while the kids and I were at their homeschooling co-op. After lunch Lynette came up to meet us and then when Ry got home we took off for NYC early afternoon. It was cold/rainy but we were happy to be together again. We met up with Marci and shopped a little, but mainly talked, explored, met up with Jessie, ate, & ate some more. It was wonderful.

My kids adored Gella
Stocking up on lip gloss at Sephora (Marci, me, Gella, Lynette)

Chris & Gella

After dinner coffee, yoghurt & biscotti with Jess
It had been 8 years ago in Alaska that 4 of us had been together & almost 10 years ago (at my wedding) that we had all been together again
(Marci, Lynette, me, Audrey, Jessie, Gella)

At Nyack College, 12 years ago (me, Gella, Marci, Lynette, Michelle, Jessie)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Ellie & I went on a date to Home Depot, Michaels, Old Navy & Dunkin Donuts this past Sunday. El my little shopper and loves pretty things just like me. She likes to look through home decor magazines and already she knows what she likes and doesn't like. Inspired by Meghan, we took the latest West Elm catalog with us to Home Depot and picked out our favorite cacti and succulents to make a display in our living room. It was so much fun & turned out great.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Coco Key

We spent Friday night and Saturday morning at Coco Key water park with the Fabers. We had a fantastic time with our friends. Girls were in heaven watching cartoons, painting nails, swimming together & eating junk food. Boys were happy to run around and yell. Guys ate chips & salsa & drank beer after kids were in bed & K and I maxed our time at the hot tub. Sol & Julianne threw up in the night so we're wondering if there was a touch of food poisoning, or perhaps too much chlorine was drunk or could it be round 3 of this stomach bug?


Thursday, February 16, 2012


The night before Valentine's Day the girls told me they wanted to deliver breakfast in bed to Ry and I. So, we made these fun pancakes (recipe courtesy of Aunt Cici). We set out all the toppings, etc the night before and on Valentine's Morning, Ry and I received special delivery as promised. So sweet! Here's the recipe:
1C oats
1C cottage cheese
4 eggs
1 tbsp vanilla
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cinnamon
Put all ingredients in blender & blend on high until smooth. Put in hot skillet & cook like normal pancakes. Top with favorite pancake toppings.
Uncle Kyle receiving the homemade Valentines from the girls (photo courtesy of Kyle)
And the Sat night before Valentine's we got to go out for dinner- wine, appetizers, main course, dessert- the whole she-bang at the Riverview Restaurant in Cold Spring. So nice! We babysat for the Kicks on Fri night while A & V went for dinner and they returned the favor the following evening. The kids had a blast with each other and it sure beats paying a babysitter. Good deal! Oh, and the cutest part of this whole ordeal was how Ellie insisted I paint my nails for Daddy- red, of course. :)


Friday, February 10, 2012

DIY Decor

I've been on a decorating kick again- painting, re-arranging, plant inspiration, etc. I've been working on making this headboard for the guest room & I recently came across these genius book ends. Can't wait to try them! Here are some pics of the DIY headboard. All is finished except the tacks (which I haven't decided what to use yet). Riley measured & cut the plywood for me and Meghan came to help me with the foam, batting, & fabric. We ran into issues getting the fabric to fit around the corners without bunching & looking weird. In the comments section of her blog, we found another crafter who had a similar problem. Apparently, the solution is to cut & sew flaps. A bit tricky to explain & the seams do show but all in all I'm happy with the almost-finished product. Now, to find brass tacks :)


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Isaac's Fav Spot

Isaac still wants to me with momma most of the time. His favorite spot (besides outside) is sitting on the kitchen counter while I work. Tonight as I was getting dinner ready I found him with an orange in one hand and a medicine syringe in the other. He poked a hole through the orange and was extracting juice in his mouth like it was an everyday task. This boy is funny!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Warm Winter

Emerging daffodils...
Observing bird nests...
Planting seeds...
Playing sidewalk chalk!
What a fantastically, warm winter it has been so far. Thank you Lord for warmth, sunshine, land to roam & fresh air!


Monday, February 6, 2012


Is this pickle soup? Noooo! It's gunk, of course! Making gunk with excess kitchen supplies is the girls' most asked for activity. This particular batch of gunk included pickles, caramel syrup, sprinkles, cherries, dish soap, ketchup, mustard, lime juice, baking soda, blue food coloring (it turned into green), flour, water.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sickness Has Struck

Everyone but Ellie and I have been struck with the sickness. We've both been slightly feverish & tired so we hold our breath and wait

Thursday, February 2, 2012

West Point Pics

Riley's high school friend, Nick, stayed with us this past weekend. The guys spent Saturday skiing in Hunter and then they watched Kyle in Spiderman Sunday night. Here are some fantastic pics Nick took of WP while he was here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Boxes

Ellie's lovely purse box. Her supplies were pink spray paint, heart tissue paper, red pom pom & crayons
Saedi working diligently as stenciling. Her supplies were crayola paint, felt, colored paper, stencils, markers, feathers

Final products! And NO I am not pregnant, just a very un-flattering pic of my tummy here!
Saedi hot gluing her feathers
Since getting off Facebook (more on that later) I've been making more time for crafts with the girls. The other night we spent an hour after the boys went to bed making these adorable Valentine boxes from Silly Eagle Books. The craft was extremely easy & cheap/free because we used only supplies we had in our craft closet. It was a blast seeing the girls' different creative flares.