Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Passed the Interviews!

We received an email from the US Embassy in Kinshasa today stating that the fathers' interviews went well enough to proceed to the final step for the boys' visas. Although we don't have any real details, this would indicate that the US embassy has completed their investigation and, barring some unforeseen event, will approve the visas. 
The next step is called the "Visa Interview" in less than 4 weeks. Our in-country representative will bring the boys and final visa paperwork to the embassy for this interview. Since the boys are not old enough to speak for themselves, we believe it is just for the embassy to see them in person and ask our proxy if we understand the finality of this adoption. That is what we did in person at the embassy in Ethiopia.
Assuming that all goes as planned, we should have the visa shortly after that (a week?). Once we have the visa, we can submit for the Congolese exit permit through a local office known as DGM. We need to do that in person and then wait for it to be processed. Typically that takes 7-10 days but it varies. More importantly, DGM is being very restrictive on the types of cases they will approve for exit permits. We are not sure if ours qualify. If not, the path forward is unknown (or at least it is to us!).
So, best case scenario is that we could be traveling early September. We still don't know how we will work things with Michelle being pregnant, four kids at home, etc... but hopefully we will know more soon so that we can make better plans.
Anyway, long email to say we have made one more (giant) step toward bringing the boys home. Praise God!
Happy day for sure!