Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mole Wars

I've been battling a mole epidemic for weeks now (not bodily moles, but yard moles). We have mole holes and runs throughout our entire acre of yard...front, back, sides, you name it. And these suckers are multiplying fast. Last week I sprayed them with Mole Stop, the kind of repellent that hooks up to the water hose. Only problem was my hoses weren't long enough to reach the entire yard. So, I made a homemade concoction of ammonia, castor oil, dish soap and urine. Yes, urine. Who's? I'm not telling. So, I used that concoction on the parts of the yard that I couldn't reach with the sprayer, but I was running back and forth so much it was exhausting. I read online that mole blood doesn't coagulate; therefore, if moles get cut, they bleed to death. So, Ellie and I stomped around on all the hills & runs, and stuck sticks in the holes all over the yard. El loved it, and she even said, "Mom, we don't say kill." A friend of mine suggested sticking Juicy Fruit gum in the holes b/c the moles can't digest it and then they'll die. Good idea but I'm worn out. All that said, I gave up and had the Ortex man come today to give me an estimate and do you know what he told me? He told me that he's only seen one other case this bad, and her yard was smaller. He said this woman shelled out over a thousand dollars to have them clear the moles. spank you! He was a really nice man (Clinton was his name for any of you Clarksvillians who might need pest control) & said that I should save my money, go to the co-op & buy a grain that kills the slugs & bugs that moles feed off of. On top of killing off their food supply, I need to gas their holes with Mole Stop. I bought the supplies this afternoon ($120...ouch)and since rain is coming it was a perfect afternoon to try this new concoction. I'm grateful for the honest Ortex man who said if I still have a problem I need to call someone to get traps, but if I have any other pest needs to give him a ring. :) I'll keep you updated.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Crying Over Spilled Milk

Tonight was one of those nights that I blew it as a mom. It's unfortunate for several reasons, but the first is that our day was going so well. We spent the morning at home together, which is rare. Normally we get up and get going- to the gym, appointments, errands, playdates, etc. Today, though, the girls loved hanging out in their jammies well after breakfast. Therefore, it wasn't until after naps that we ran our errands and went to the Y this evening. I got to workout and then I took the girls swimming. Ellie and I had several good belly laughs at the crazy water aerobics ladies belting out the lyrics to, "Smokin in the Boys Room" while they were punching and kicking in the water. We were having such a good time together that I kept ignoring the clock, even though I knew it was getting late. First mistake! Every mom knows not to push limits when it nears bedtime or naptime for kiddos and I disregarded the unspoken rule. My girls normally go to bed around 7:30, and we didn't leave the Y until 7:10. We still had the drive home, dinner, and bedtime routines in front of us. Just when I announced it was time to head for home Ellie's positive attitude was quickly diminishing and the whines were setting in. By the time we finished dinner and it was time for bedtime routines Ellie was rotten and in all her flailing she knocked over her cup of milk & it spilled everywhere! I was furious at her nasty attitude & at the mess I had to clean up. I yelled at her like I haven't yelled at her in months. She sat quietly and took it all in...Saedi, too. Basically, I modeled the correct way to throw a temper tantrum. While I know I got the point across to her that she was being rude & disobedient, I think the biggest lesson learned was not positive. I did what I knew to do to fix my mistake (apologized), but it wasn't a nice way to end the evening. I know it happens to every mom, but it still stinks..."There's no use crying over spilled milk."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ellie has started shaving. It's true. She lathers her legs up with soap and then shaves them with her toothbrush. Very creative child, she is!Saedi got these cute Baby Legs socks/leggings/tights from the Toths and I thought Ry would get a kick out of these. She loves wearing them!
I've been busy sewing again. I finally started and finished Saedi's growth chart (it was supposed to be her birthday present). I'm impressed with how well it matches Ellies, but yet is somewhat unique.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

FLOWERS from Daddy

A Dozen beautiful white roses for me:

Saedi's Single Pink Rose:

Ellie's 3 Big Girl Roses:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Latest Happenings

"What are you DOING!"
"I'm just cutting Ashely's hairbows out so I can braid her hair, MOM!"
"Oh...Mommy thought you were cutting your own hair."

One of Saedi's new birthday toys. This thing has been a lifesaver. Thanks, Jodi!

The tornado that came through my kitchen...again! Really? (Nat encouraged the picture taking)