Monday, December 8, 2008

Uncle Kyle-O

Riley's brother flew into town Friday night from NYC and stayed with us for the weekend. I love Kyle so much and the weekend with him went way too fast. Kyle was a terrific sport...he went with us to the CrossFit gym (once, and probably never again), and after some coaxing, even agreed to a male bonding session with Riley outside in the freezing cold around a campfire. Kyle got to meet Saedi for the first time and he became Ellie's new best buddy. He bought Ellie these super-cool fairy light up wings that she was flying around the house in (with her tap shoes on, mind you). He baked Christmas cookies with Ellie and they played with his iphone for hours...literally. He bugabood with Saedi and coddled with her as if she were his own. He cleaned my kitchen, re-arranged my living room, helped me cook, and even supervised Ellie's wacked-out, sugar-fest of a party last night.

When I first met Riley's family (10 years ago) Kyle was the first one I connected with...he's goofy and down to earth. So, I've always had a special place in my heart for Baby Bro. And now, well, we just don't see him enough. I hadn't seen him since last Christmas and it had been a year and a half for him and Riley. Needless to say, this momma's sad to see him go. I tried to convince him to stay on and be my nanny, but needless to say, the girls and I drove him back to the airport this morning. We love you, Uncle Kyle!


Jen said...

those pictures are way too cute! it was great meeting him! :)

Jenny said...

How fun! And those cookies look good! :)