Friday, September 18, 2009


VACATION STARTS TOMORROW! We're thrilled to have some quality family time in Tampa for the next few weeks! We'll be staying with Lacey, Aaron & Miss Addi most of the time, but Kyle also hooked us up with a fun stay at the Nickelodean Hotel in Orlando. We're also going to spend a day touring Disney with Kyle and Stacey as they're in the middle of their Orlando gig. What we're equally excited about though, is that we're meeting with our first adoption agency tomorrow down in Huntsville, Alabama! That's right...adoption! It's something that has been stirring in our hearts for over a year now, and we feel like God's timing for us to pursue this is now. We've yet to choose and agency or a country (although we know our heart is for an international adoption) so we're thrilled to pick the brains of an agency that is at the top of our list. Riley and I spent an hour at Borders tonight compiling a list of questions we have for this agency and we're praying for God's direction in this exciting endeavor. We'll keep you posted!


Mark, Steph, Eli, Toby, and Ish said...

Let the amazing whirlwind begin! Excited for your vacation and this new leg of your family journey.

Nathan said...