Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Update from Auntie Meg

The girls are in Shelby with the grandparents while Riley and I made it to Hawaii last night after a whole day of traveling. We were up pretty early this morning because of the 6 hour time change, but we went for an early morning run and are heading to the beach in a few minutes. So thankful for this break with just the two of us. Hawaii is beautiful, warm and sunny! We're going to head to Pearl Harbor tomorrow, climb Diamond Head mountain on Friday morning, gonna make sure we hit up Chinatown and a traditional lua. Well, not gonna waste my beach time on the computer...:) Below is an update of the girls from Aunt Meg:

Well, the girls had a wonderful time at the Shelby story time yesterday morning. Mom was quick to say that Ellie was first in the fire truck, first to answer questions, and very attentive/interested. Saed-Saed crawled in to Jewel's lap (Pastor Tim's wife) and Ellie was a good big sis to her.

I arrived at Mom's around lunch time and both girls were eating. They were sweet and obedient all day long. Ellie tinkled before her nap and all by herself when she awoke 2 hours later. She helped me grocery shop at IGA and was very, very good. Saedi woke up soon after we left. When Ellie and I got home, Gpa, your girls and I went to the park and played for about 1 1/2. We showed Ellie your old house and she told us about how you had to move when her Gma died. I told her that was the house you moved to.

Saedi loved swinging and was giving big belly-laughs as Gpa pushed her (she likes swingin' like her mama). She seems to be the more adventurous one while Ellie was a bit more cautious. We walked from the Playscape down to the park by the pool and Saed (and Ellie) went down the BIG metal slide. Saed even crawled up the ladder by her self each time. Big girl!!!! and not afraid!!!)

We got back and Gma had a yummy dinner for us then we took baths. I had my swimsuit on and crawled in the big jacuzzi tub b/c I didn't want to her Saed-Saed scream (plus mom said you had already given baths and they weren't needed . . . however Ellie was pretty dirty from the park so Saed-Saed just walked around in the tub playing and Ellie got a full bath/hair wash.) Ellie wanted me to bring my confetti soaps so we were geared for a bath. We took bubbles into the tub and had a nice time. Then jammies, a snack, and library movie (Belle). I left then but when I called at 8:30ish they were in bed.

I think they are staying home today. I brought over and bought (with mom's $$) and handful of things to keep them busy (cardboard coloring house you can play in, Play-doh, sidewalk chalk, construction paper, crayons, coloring books, books, etc.)

I bought the shopping cart and it is supposed to come this week. I also got a cute 4T long sleeve/adjustable pant outfit from Children's Place. I may wrap up her clothes and send it with Mom to Mimi and Papa's house so you can get it and have her open it on her bday. I would like her to have a gift from me to open.

Great seeing you this past week. Thanks for spending time with us.

Trust you 2 are enjoying each other!


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