Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Garbage in Garbage Out

I'm a music junkie and this song goes along with a new challenge our family is starting...scripture memorization! Over Christmas, my sister-in-law, Carri, was explaining a really cool Bible scripture memory system that their family uses. So, I ordered it a few weeks ago and our family has started it this week. Riley and I have a packet of Fighter Verses and the girls have a packet of Foundation verses (both bought here) The packets come with an explanation on how the program works, in regard to how to memorize & retain the scriptures. Of course, memorization has tons of benefits, but we're most excited for our girls that "If the word of God dwells richly in them, they have wise counsel with them at all times. In addition, God's word is so much more powerful than our words; it will protect them from the attack of the enemy." (p10 of Handbook) And by Riley and I working together on our own verses, we're modeling the importance of memorizing God's Word but also, "They are verses that give us a word of cousel...feed siritual growth as the Holy Spirit brings them to our minds...are promises of God...witness to unbelievers...give us a ready defense against our enemy...will have the Word of God to defend us." (p14-15 Handbook). So, truth in truth out...we're ready to transform our minds!


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Jeff said...

I dig the tune. Never heard of this group though. Where did you hear them? I must be getting behind on todays music. Too many books I guess.