Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unexpected Package

The girls (& Jack) received an unexpected package in the mail from our good friend, Patti. Ellie got a new tutu and some fun window paints. Saedi received an adorable green Spring shirt and some bathtub paints. And, Jack, well, he's in heaven with his new squeeky chipmunk toy. So...oodles of thanks to Patti! We love mail!


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KToth said...

This photo is so awesome, that even though Gideon is crying and needs tending, I had to leave a comment. It's like a big crazy frame around Ellie's serenely pretty face. It reminds me of a Nan Golden photo. (Although if you're not sure who that is, I wouldn't recommend googling her because some of her work is weirdo.) But still, there's something about this shot with a great Golden-esque quality that I often try to capture.