Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Projects

I've been nesting again! When I got home from our Ohio trip the girls new bedding was waiting for me! I immediately tore open the boxes and began decorating their beds (yes, even before unpacking the car). I LOVE this bedding! Yes, it was a huge splurge (that my lovely husband agreed to) but we haven't regretted the purchase.

After seeing the new quilts and how fabulous they look on the bunk beds I went to work on a book sling project that was super-easy & inexpensive. I found this off of one of my new favorite blogs, Silly Eagle Books,

I bought the fabric from Blooming Stitches, which is less than a mile from my house! I can't say enough about this terrific shop. The owner has worked with me sketching ideas and teaching me tricks of the trade.

We also hung a $10 ceiling light at the top of Ellie's bunk so she can have a cozy get-away reading place to call her own. I still have a few more additions to make to the girls' room, but it's almost finished!



vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

Hey Michelle--Your sling turned out great! And I LOVE how you used two fabrics--you are far more skilled than I am! :) The e is just the perfect touch and the new bedding is gorgeous.

How fun that we are crazy nesting moms together . :) I still remember how cute you were pregnant at Drew and Steph's wedding.

KToth said...

SO cute! I think it was worth the splurge! And the book sling looks pro.
Vanessa and Michelle, one question I have about the book sling- what about bed/nap time? I don't let the boy have books when it's time for sleeping, or else they stay up reading... How do you mitigate that? It's the only thing keeping me back from making a couple. (Okay, it's not the only thing, my project list is getting really long...)

Meghan said...

Michelle - this is gorgeous!!! I adore your bedding choice - definitely worth the splurge, and the book sling is fantastic!! I might have to copy you and Vanessa!! Hope you are feeling well.

Laura Rosenberg said...

Sewing was my nesting activity this time round (with Siri it was baking!). I made 8 shoulder bags from an Amy Butler pattern, and finished the last one (and swore I wouldn't make another) the day my water broke.