Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jellystone Park

Here's a fun Post Family picture from about a month ago...that's how far behind I am.
This past week we went on our first family camping trip since Isaac's birth. We stayed at Jellystone Park and it was a perfect one-nighter trip with the kids. We had a lovely campsite on a stream so we could hear the water at night and the kids had lots of exploring. There were fun activities for the kids (cake and ice cream for Boo Boo's birthday, wagon rides with Yogi Bear, water balloon tosses, bingo, etc) but we mainly hung out at the water park and added small detours to the playground or hiking around the lake. Our camera wasn't working so I have no pics of Isaac's first camping trip. Oh, and all 5 of us slept in a 3 man tent but it went well!

Since then, the girls came down with a nasty 12 hour flu of violent vomitting for about 7 hours. They're feeling great now, but they were pretty bummed when we had to shift cheat night from Sat night to Sun night! Oh, and I finished the last of the painting (for now...ha ha) tonight! So, the living room/dining room, girls' room, kitchen, & master bedroom are done! Riley starts back to work tomorrow and I've got to get used to having the kids on my own again. Our home study visit is Tuesday, and several other appointments are thrown in there as well. We've received Solomon's birth certificate and we finish up our doctor's appointments on Thursday. After that, there should be no more paperwork for a bit. Each day we're getting closer to bringing our son home!

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Meghan said...

Forgot to tell you that the girls seemed pretty pleased that you guys did their chores while they were sick on Saturday :)