Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adoption (#2) Update

After a couple visits to our home & then two hours of individual interviewing in New Jersey today, Ms. Pat (our local adoption specialist who helped bring Sol home) should have our homestudy (for adoption #2) completed early May. After the homestudy is complete we can apply for the I-600 (immigration pre-approving us to adopt again). Once we have the I-600 returned to us & a few other documents in hand we'll be ready to submit our dossier (the complete application that justifies to the Ethiopian government that we've been cleared for adoption). Deep breath.


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allyson (lewis) lillis said...

U go girl!! I cant believe u guys are on round 2 in the adoption ring! So happy for ya'll!! Just catching up on everyones blogs (should be catching myself up on my own;) so crazy about ur journaling post- i just started a fresh journal a week or so ago( after years of nothing!) & Its amazing the flood of 'yourself' you find before you & how much i realized i missed it. Miss u guys & praying for all to go well thru this next season of ur life! :) allyson