Sunday, July 27, 2008

Old Family Photos

My birthday is July 28th & tonight I was digging through some old family photos & reminiscing a bit. I couldn't find many birthday shots, but I did find some pictures of myself near Ellie & Saedi's current ages.

I was born around 5 am after 22 hours of labor.

Dad, Mom, John & myself. The picture isn't dated, but based on the Christmas background I'm guessing I was 5 months...a couple weeks younger than Saedi is right now.
My two-year birthday... Does every 2-year old like to be naked? Below is a picture of me at 2 1/2 years old...Ellie's age. This just confirms that neither of my daughters look like me!


Jen said...

i don't know...that very last picture of you at 2 1/2 looks a little like ellie! oh yeah, i love the bald head in the christmas photo...too cute!! you were an adorable baby. happy birthday, girl! sorry your hubby isn't home to help you celebrate. trey and i would love to watch the girls once he gets home so you two can go out on a date! :)

Jen said...

oh more thing. in that christmas picture, saedi looks a lot like you when she smiles...only she has a lot more hair! :)

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle!! So your girls don't look identical to you... but I really see a lot of you in them. :) Hope you have a great day!

KToth said...

Those pictures are too cute. And the first one is so sweet.
I missed my chance to say Happy Birthday today. Sorry! Hope you have a happy one!