Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Tylenol Story

Saedi received her 6 month shots today, so like always, I gave her a healthy dose of Tylenol to help ease any discomforts. Well, I left the Tylenol sitting out on the counter so I would remember to give her more later. I put Saedi to bed & took Ellie outside to mow the grass with me. Ellie kept falling asleep on my lap while we were mowing & she asked to go to bed. I took her inside & put her to bed. About 10 minutes later Ellie is on the back deck waving to me. I went to Ellie & noticed a red ring around her mouth. "What were you drinking, El?" "Nothing. Just Sissy's medicine." I ran inside, found the kitchen water running, & the entire 4 oz bottle of Children's Tylenol empty, but a large puddle of it on the kitchen floor with a sopped up towel lying on it. I called poison control & we worked togethe to figure out how much Ellie had probably drunk & determined she would most likely be fine.

As my mind was racing about what to do & what might happen to Ellie, I felt so angry at myself for not putting the medicine away & I felt angry at Ellie for getting into the medicine she knows she's not allowed to touch. I'm so grateful she's fine & I praise God for a lesson learned the easy way!

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