Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Latest Happenings

"What are you DOING!"
"I'm just cutting Ashely's hairbows out so I can braid her hair, MOM!"
"Oh...Mommy thought you were cutting your own hair."

One of Saedi's new birthday toys. This thing has been a lifesaver. Thanks, Jodi!

The tornado that came through my kitchen...again! Really? (Nat encouraged the picture taking)


Natalie said...

LOL you need more angles this pic don't do it justice! LOL it defenetly made me smile LOL

Lindsey said...

My girlies love that ball popper too! :) Definately a winner! The kitchen scene looks oh so familiar too...I guess it goes with the two youngins territory! :)

Jen said...

you won't believe me, but right now my kitchen looks the exact same way. i'm about to lose my mind and can't wait to start cleaning once em is in bed...what's wrong with me?! haha!

Carri said...

Hi Michelle - I'm gonna bet Mimi has a picture of me looking like Ellie....only that I really DID cut my hair. Either way, she reminds me a lot of myself in that pic! Uh oh.... :)


p.s. ditto on the kitchen comments!