Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ellie has started shaving. It's true. She lathers her legs up with soap and then shaves them with her toothbrush. Very creative child, she is!Saedi got these cute Baby Legs socks/leggings/tights from the Toths and I thought Ry would get a kick out of these. She loves wearing them!
I've been busy sewing again. I finally started and finished Saedi's growth chart (it was supposed to be her birthday present). I'm impressed with how well it matches Ellies, but yet is somewhat unique.


Natalie said...

you know Brooke started shaving too but with my real razor the day she kept telling me about her ouchies and her shinds all rashy from shaving her legs dry, i tought it was funny but i need to put my razors away cause i kept cathing her with them. Why do they wanna grow up so fast?? you know the sad thing is before you know it Ellie will be shaving her legs for real.

Ashley said...

Too cute! I actually got Finn a few pairs of "manly" baby legs. (argyle and army tanks) I can't wait for it to get warmer, so he can wear them. Great job on the growth chart!! I can't tell which is the one that "inspired" you. :)