Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Adventures with Saedi

Yesterday Ellie and I were out working in the yard while Saedi was finishing up her afternoon nap. El and I walk into the house to get Saedi and I immediately smelled a stink. I asked El if she had to poo and she said, "That's Saedi." Ellie was right! We walked into Saedi's room, where this Little Toot had taken off her poopy diaper, and smeared it on her face, her crib, and fertilized her fingernails as well. Thankfully, it really wasn't that bad. Saedi went straight into the tub and Ellie kept watch while I cleaned up her crib,etc. I remember when Ellie did this...hopefully it's only a one time deal for each!

This morning Saedi woke up dry after a long night's sleep (a first for the dryness I believe) and she wanted to sit on her little potty while I sat on my big potty. To my amazement she actually peed, and she was so proud of herself. It's fun to see her interest in copying Ellie and I with "big girl things."

And just tonight, Ellie and I were playing Memory, and sure enough Saedi brought me the two matching "shoe-shoe" cards. She's a smart little thang. Watch out!


Nathan said...

Wow! We have just barely introduced the potty to Little Riley. Hopefully he'll be nearly as adept as Saedi in this area. AND hopefully he'll never get the "smear campaign" idea...

Londa said...

Uh-oh. Another entry in the Poop Diaries...taking after her big sister again!