Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Don't Say Anything 'Cause I Want It"

The last entry I posted was all about Saedi-Sue, but now it's time for her big Sis to get the spotlight. To give you a little backgroud on the upcoming story, our early morning routine generally starts with Ellie waking up first, coming into my room between 630 and 700, where we sit in bed and read for a while. This morning, however, I woke up to the sound of a Little Munchkin in the pantry making some peculiar sounds...sounds that I guessed were a certain 3-year old opening candy bags and sneaking a little treat. I stayed put, listened intently, and waited to see what Ellie would do next. I heard her leave the kitchen, but she didn't come to my room like normal. I quietly got out of bed, snuck through the living room, and peaked into her bedroom. And there she was... lying in her bed, covers up to her chin, clinging to a plastic cup with about 20 jelly beans in it. She was SHOCKED that I was in her room catching her red-handed, to say the least. I calmy asked, "What's this about, El?" She crossed her arms and replied, "Don't say anything 'cause I want it!" Not the remorseful response I was expecting. I asked her to hand over the jelly beans and I told her I would be in my room.
At this point my mind is racing as to how I should handle the situation. Lately, I've been feeling like Ellie does and says the right things but her heart isn't genuine nor repentive. And just a few days ago I began re-reading, "To Train Up a Child" for a little refresher on how to reach a child's heart. All that said, I decided I would stay calm and try to reach her heart instead of jump to disciplining.
After 10 minutes or so Ellie came into my room and asked if she could "buggle" with me and I said, "sure!" So we cuddled as I read for a while and then I said we needed to talk about the incident. She didn't want to, but I began talking anyway. She confessed that she was only sorry that she got caught (and not for dis-obeying) but that her heart did feel ugly and embarrased. I kept reminding myself to reach the heart, reach the heart. I was able to explain that I know she was disappointed she got caught, but getting caught wasn't the issue. The issue was doing what we know we shouldn't. It's called sin and sin is a bad thing that makes Jesus sad and takes our joy away. I explained that I sin and that everyone sins. And while sin isn't good, when we ask for forgiveness and turn our backs to it, we are set free and our heart can be clean again. She was very interested in the converstaion (especially the part about me as a sinner) and we actually had a beautiful conversation about sin, forgiveness, redemption & grace (not in those terms, of course). We prayed together, her conscious was clear, and I vowed to treat her sin as Jesus would, and never bring it up to her again. Forgivenss equals a clean slate..the incident is gone. I was extremely proud of myself for staying calm the entire time (not normal for me) and I praise God that I know her heart was reached. And all this from a 3 year old. God give me grace to train my children!

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