Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby Pics

Well, I'm 38 weeks and 3 days today. I had an ultrasound this morning because of fears of birthing another big baby. So far, little Isaac is estimated to weight 8lbs 6 oz and I'm looking as if I were 39 weeks, 4 days. So, we meet with the midwife on Wednesday to go over the results and to find out what the plan is...induction, waiting it out, etc. Our prayer is that this baby would come on his own, but before my due date, or asap. So, with all that in mind Riley and I had fun going through pics of the girlies just after they were born and wondering what this baby boy will look like, and what his story will be. :)

Elizabeth Rae

Saedi Alexandra, 9lbs 4 oz



allyson (lewis) lillis said... excited for you guys.. such a special time. praying for perfect timing & that you'd get as many special moments with isaac as you did with each of the girls. cant wait to see him!

Natalie said...

Michelle I still cant believe Saedi's pictures, so cute and chunky!

joven said...

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