Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Phew! I'm definitely not going to be bored these next 7 months! Ellie has accustomed to mothering her new baby brother and Saedi is adjusting to her new role as the middle child. Mimi arrived on Friday and Papa got in from Africa on Sunday night and both have helped our transitioning immensely! Ellie and I have stopped butting heads and little Saedi is getting the attention she craves. And Isaac? Happy as a clam...especially in the arms of another human. Riley took off on Tuesday (delayed a day...hooray!) and we're so grateful he was able to be with Ellie during her first day of "school." We're starting a homeschooling program with her called Classical Conversations. It's kind of like a co-op. Every Monday we meet from 9-12 at a local church where the kids go to their assigned classes and have a tutor who models what they'll be learning for the rest of the week. Parents sit in and help during the sessions, and then everyday we review that material at home. I'm amazed at how quickly Ellie is picking up on some tough vocabulary..."Charlemagne," "interjection," "Mediterranean," etc. So proud of that girl! Ellie has also started soccer back up and is getting more and more aggressive on the field (in a good way). Little Isaac finally got his first bath on day #13...can you tell he's #3? I'm feeling good...stronger and stronger by the day. Just so thankful for wonderful friends who have helped and for the amazing Mimi who just keeps going and, cleaning, bathing, holding, entertaining, etc. God is good!



Megan said...

Is that Saedi jumping off more furniture?

What a big girl Ellie is!

Love to you all!

Natalie said...

I love Saedi jumping off the chair, and Isaac is filling up! Love your family!