Saturday, September 11, 2010

201 lbs

So, those of you that know Riley know that
1. He's pretty competitive and
2. He's always up for a challenge
3. He'll take on almost any dare

Apparently, his latest challenge was to weigh 200# (Riley normally 165-170, although he did add a few extra lbs for me while I was pregnant). Riley accepted this challenge and was able to gain 19lbs in 9 days weighing in at 201.3!!! Isn't that crazy? I'm sure he's out for a run now because I know he was pretty miserable :) Oh, and I think the next challenge has to do with dropping weight. We need to be praying against heart attacks...seriously!


1 comment:

Maybe Tomorrow said...

oh my gosh Michelle - I just saw this - that is nuts! those boys are so crazy. can you imagine doing this to ourselves on purpose?
hope you are well - love seeing your beautiful kiddos (and their beautiful mom too).