Friday, September 10, 2010

4 Week Old Bubsy

It's hard to believe that "Bubsy-Wubsy, Bubb-Bubb, Little Bubba" (I know Ry, I'm sure all of those babyish nicknames are making you cringe, but we girls can't help it) is 4 weeks already! He's starting to coo and smile a few times a day (almost always after a feeding). I'm starting to feel my rhythm again, but still have my ditzish moments---like shipping my online order to Iraq instead of Tennessee...and then doing it again a 2nd time! The girls seem "back to normal" to me. Ellie spent all day yesterday at Caleb's house and when she got home she made a b line straight for Isaac and cuddled with him...until Saedi wanted to sit on her lap, too, saying, "I missed you Ellie."



KToth said...

Wow, 4 weeks already! You are a woman on the move. I don't know how you do that. And we loved having Ellie the whole day.

Aaron and Lacey said...

What a little man! Can't wait to meet him!