Monday, November 15, 2010

Nashville Zoo

Yesterday, the Nashville Zoo sponsored Military Appreciation Day, where anyone with a military id was allowed free admission. SCORE! The kids and I took off after church and it really was a lovely day. It wasn't packed. It wasn't too hot or too cold. We took our time enjoying the special crafts (like bracelet and pin-making), jump-jumps, the jungle gym, animals, and a special ride on the carousel. Normally, I'm too cheap to let my kids ride. I figure, going to the zoo is a treat in and of itself. However, since admission was free, I told Ellie that if she could tell me her Math facts for the week without any prompts by me that they could ride the carousel AND buy a treat. She did it! (After many frustrating attempts). She counted the squares to 15 (1,4,9,16,25,36,49,64,81,100,121,144,169,196,225--And, of course, I was forced to learn them too since Math is not my forte). They were thrilled with the carousel and pretzel and it was well worth the $7!

This giraffe walked right up to us, where Ellie proudly announced to all the spectators that, "Look! It's a boy giraffe because he has a hangy thing!"
Ellie took this picture. She loves the snake, spider, fish, frog, and turtle exhibits.

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