Saturday, November 13, 2010

Veteran's Day Playdate

We've had another week of gorgeous 70 degree weather. Hence, we hosted another play date! The kids are so well-behaved when they have the open space outside to roam and be free. On a random side, note that poor baby doll in the above photo...abandoned and face down.
The girls hiding fort was under the mom's eating table
Our waiters and waitresses hard at work
The early Christmas present from Aunt Meg was a hit with ALL the kids. It's funny how different the boys play with it though. They were way more interested in the mechanics of the elevator!
Meadow, Emery, & El...the strong-willed children looking like a gang.
Poor Caleb stuck with mostly all female friends. He doesn't seem to mind the barber shop, though. Brooke's intense face cracks me up in this picture.
And Best Buds, Miss Meadow & Miss Saedi entertaining baby Jeremiah

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Jen said...

Such cute pictures! I cracked up laughing at the comment about Meadow, Em & El looking like a gang. So true!!