Sunday, May 22, 2011

Muddy Buddy

Riley & Joe
Me & Tara
Tara, Joe, Michelle, Riley after the race
Riley & Saedi in the Mini Muddy Buddy
Brooke, Riley, Saedi, Meadow, & Natalie after the Mini Muddy Buddy!
This past weekend we did the Muddy Buddy race with friends. Natalie watched the girls while Riley, Joe, Tara & I performed the running, biking, and obstacles while finishing together by crawling through the infamous mud pit. After the adult Muddy Buddy race, Riley took Ellie & Saedi through the obstacles (Ellie ditched before the mud pit) while Nat took her girls. Very fun way to spend a Saturday morning! Also, a very big shout out to Silvia who kept Isaac for us starting at 6am!
*click on the words "Muddy Buddy" above to learn more about the race


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