Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 Year Reunion

I love this picture that Meghan took during Riley's 10 year reunion weekend. Sean was able to convince somebody to let him borrow the old mule costume. Cheers to the best mascot every! Too many good memories! I've been too busy/lazy to sort through and post all the pictures but this is by far my favorite.
Sweet Paddy
We had a fantastic weekend with everyone- Drew & Steph and their twins stayed with us; Daniel & Anya and baby Jack were visiting from Switzerland and they stayed with Sean & Meghan just a few streets over. We got together each night for dinner/dessert/and catching up. Dave & Haley came Fri night and Matt & Emily joined us Sat night. So weird & wonderful to be together again--with kids! I also got to see my cousin Kim & her husband, Brooks. My college friend, Gella, also came for the day/football game on Saturday and stayed the night. So fun! And, Army won!
The crew, minus our boys

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Dan O. said...

Great to see all of you here. What great memories we have of our time at West Point and our OCF Group. Blessings to you all...