Sunday, October 9, 2011

Post-Adoption Fog

Shoooo-EEEE! Life just got a bazillion times busier in the 4 weeks that Solomon's been home with us!

First, what a FANTASTIC little man he is! Within the first two weeks home he started signing "more" "eat" & "all done" along with saying "da-da" and "ma-ma." He jibber-jabbers quite a bit and sings a little 3-syllable tune frequently that he either made up or the nannies sang to him. Very sweet. He's a quick little guy--climbed up 4 steps immediately upon seeing them. He loves to chase the other kids around the house on all fours, and he likes to be chased. He's crazy for Jack and I'm thrilled as Jack can easily handle one more little friend poking his eyes, pulling his ears and pinching his fur. So he is adjusting better then I expected. As long as that boy has his bottle he's happy as can be!
All this said, I feel like I'm coming out of the "postpartum cloud" know, that place where you try so hard to concentrate on what other's are saying, that place where you wonder if you just fell asleep at the dinner table for a split second, and you get yourself into bed at night and realize you lasted the entire day without brushing your own hair. Raising these 4 is the toughest challenge I've faced, but I'm loving almost every minute of it.

Our family is so blessed to have so many friends and family praying for us and actively helping us-- making & delivering meals, watching kids, sending encouraging texts or emails or phone calls (although I rarely catch those in time) recommending doctors, driving kids places, meeting us at parks, sending us clothes and fun care packages-- ALL OF YOU HAVE KEPT US SANE...thank you!
Aren't these too little ham's so cute? Isaac calls him "awe" and loves to rub Sol's head.


Natalie said...

awwww love this so much! they are both lumber jacks, they would have fun picking on Jeremiah haha!

the indians and pirates said...

Cannot even imagine that bazillion times busier life! And I love the last picture with the two boys together. Happy to get a glimpse of those happy faces. (And can't wait to chat with Gella to hear about your visit!)