Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Update

I have been horrible about blogging! I missed Thanksgiving & New Years and all that was in between. To pick up to the NOW, here's the latest & greatest:
Riley: duck/goose season ended on the 9th of January so he's started working out again. Gonna train for a half ironman. Pheasant or grouse hunting with a friend as of now
Me: sick with bronchitis and coughing my head off. Happily running when I can (signed up for an all womens half marathon in NYC in April) and eager to paint some more of the house. I'm thinking big, fat stripes in bathrooms. I'm reading a lot, Crossfitting again, and like always, purging the house of things we don't use.
Ellie: I've been making more of an effort to do more things for Ellie and focus more attention on her. Her favorite thing is playing with friends, which shes been happily doing a lot of lately. Also started ballet and tap classes last week and that fits her personality well. Still loves to look in the mirror and put on earrings that Mimi gave her
Saedi: asked to go winter camping with her Dad for this upcoming Bday. Last weekend was unusually warm so they spent the afternoon fishing & hunting & then set up camp in the backyard and fell asleep watching Rapunzel on the computer. Sadly, she woke in the night vomiting so that was the end of her Bday camping adventure. She still loves Jack and cuddles with him every chance she gets
Isaac: will say anything we ask him to "chocolate" being our new favorite to hear him say. Some days he walks around the house saying "Mimi, Papa, Papa, Mimi. Momma, Dada, Dada, Momma. Juice. Ball. Jack Jack," etc just to hear himself talk. He loves balls and his new tball set.
Solomon is obsessed with toothpaste tubes. As soon as his feet touch the ground each morning he races to the girls bathroom and finds as many toothpaste tubes as he can. He, like Saedi, likes Jack-Jack and those are words he repeats more than any either. This boys is high speed and together the boys will spend hours climbing up and down the stairs. Sols favorite game is taking "stuff" out of drawers, standing or sitting at the top of stairs and throwing whatever he can find down those stairs!

And dare I give anyone a heart attack and mention that we're starting the paperwork to adopt again? Hooray!


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