Tuesday, January 31, 2012


And this past weekend I painted more stripes on a whim after the boys went to bed. Again, fast project- start to finish 5 hours (including 2 surrounding walls that I painted the solid brown). Riley usually doesn't say much about my decorating but he loves this entry room now. Fun! Last night I covered the lampshade with a fun geometric white/blue fabric to add some contrast.

The tiny bathroom is the room I started with. Was simply inspired to paint stripes. I was able to start and complete the project during nap time- fast and easy! Used the leftover gray from my bedroom and since the photo was taken I've hung portraits of national geo faces from around the world. Love this room!



Aaron and Lacey said...

Love it!

the indians and pirates said...

You are so speedy! Both rooms look great!

Tara Leap said...

I love the stripes Michelle! Hope all is well in NY. Maybe when we move I'll be allowed to paint our new place with stripes?

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