Monday, October 1, 2012

Heart for Congo Project #2

Since Congo Carnival was a hit and we raised over $11,000 many people have asked about where the extra money we raised is going. Glad you asked! ‘Tis the time to announce our next project- feeding our boys' orphanage* in Eastern Congo (borders Rwanda)for a year! As of now, OFA (the non-profit guiding us through this adoption) gives $1,000 a month to feed this orphanage. Riley came up with the idea (again) to feed that orphanage for a year- especially since our soon-to-be-sons are there. We've already raised $7,000 of the $12,000 needed so I'd love to complete this project by October 31st. A project a month, can we do it? This is a BIG amount to raise (with no major fundraising event going on as of yet) but I believe we can do it.

On a fundraising note, keep your ideas flowing to us. The Congo Carnival was our first attempt at fundraising & God most definitely poured his blessings there.  I will be launching a Heart for Congo Facebook page for jewelry/accessories in the next day or two. I’ll be selling handmade items from Uganda and we will keep 40% of profits for Heart for Congo & the rest of the money goes back to the women who made them. Very cool! I’ll let you know how you can get involved! We’re also working on planning a silent auction, getting a booth at a women’s craft fair, possibly a kids fashion show, forgoing some meals, selling a vehicle, encouraging kids to collect change, etc. LOVE all your ideas & passion to help the DR Congo orphans. We can do this!

Heart for Congo Re-Cap:
Project #2:            Feeding our boys’ orphanage in Eastern DRC for 1 year
Goal:                     $12,000 by Oct 31 (already raised $7,000)

*Just like showing pics, I’m not allowed to state orphanage’s name on any social media website- for the protection of identities and money


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