Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Ready to be inspired by a 10-year-old? AMAZING Heart for Congo story from our Ft Campbell friends, now residing in California. Thank you for taking our cause across country...
Congo cupcakes

 Dear Family & Friends,

 I will be celebrating my 10th birthday and I wanted to do something different this year. I don't want presents because I want to do something nice for kids that need food and other things. There are over 5 million orphans in the Democratic Republic of The Congo (DRC). I know how these kids feel because I have been in an orphanage and I was really hungry too. I used to be in a crib, even when I was 5 years old, and I was really hungry and lonely. One time I remember having to go to the bathroom so bad and so I snuck out of my crib. I tiptoed across the floor and all the adults were outside talking. We had to stay in our crib all day, even if it was sunny. Now that I am not in a crib and I have a family and lots of other stuff, I want to help t
he kids that are still orphans. Our friend is trying to raise money to feed kids in one orphanage in the Congo and I want to try to help her. Here is my idea, instead of presents for my birthday I would like people who come to my party to help me raise money to send to the DRC. If you were planning on bringing a present to my party, could you please bring a donation instead of a present? I hope that we can help the orphanage get food and things they need. This would be the greatest birthday present ever!

Happy Birthday Deacon! Thank you!

10-year-old Deacon raised over $1,000 for Heart for Congo. Basically, he just fed 40 orphans for 1 month. Awesome! Thanks Deacon! Notice our latest thermometer...we're almost to our goal of $12,000!!!
I had to share this one...Deacon's Dad (deployed) calling in for the fun


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