Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Amazing Treehouse

Look at our new treehouse! I am so very proud of my husband that I want to boast about this amazing tree house / tree fort that he built for the girls. He's never built anything before, and always claimed he "wasn't handy;" however, I think that his first attempt at building has been more than a success. After working on it for two full Saturdays, & the both of us jumping up and down on it, we deemed it safe enough for the girlies. Needless to say, Ellie adores her new hide-out. And although it is making our battle of the "mine's" (it's's mine) even more difficult, it's worth it seeing Ellie run around the tree singing, "Ring Around the Rosie"...until she collapses from dizziness.


Nancy & Nathan said...

Riley, have you EVER tried something you weren't good at?

PS. Will you come and build one for our little guy? We share our back yard with 8million other people, but I'm sure they won't mind.


Mimi said...

What a wonderful place to pretend. Will it fit a Mimi and a Papa? Marvelous job, Riley...reminds me of Grandpa. Can't wait to see you in real life. Love, Mimi

Steve & Jenny said...

Wow, Riley did a great job! I bet Ellie is having so much fun playing in it! We miss you guys!

KToth said...

What an awesome treehouse! I can't believe I forgot to look at it when we were over there today. I always feel a little flustered after a run. Btw, welcome to blogland! Can I add yours to my blogroll?
PS- I'm with Nancy & Nathan. Riley seriously has the Midas touch. I think your blog should be called Golden Boy Blog. Who else gets deployed and then comes back early? NO ONE. :)