Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Girls on the Go

Saedi turned 3 months yesterday...already! She's cooing all the time, and still delightful as ever. Just this week she's become a power kicker and seems discontent about staying in one place. She can rotate herself on the crib mattress and push up to a standing position on my knees. Bit by bit she's getting stronger!

Ellie continues to be extremely talkative & jabbers constantly. She is non-stop energy. Sometimes to wear her out I'll stand on the deck and time her running from the deck to her tree house, up the ladder, around the tree 3 times, back down the ladder, and returning to the deck. It helps.
Ellie has also become quite sly:
Story #1: Just the other day she was poking her finger in her ice cream cone. Riley told her to stop putter her fingers in her ice cream. Ellie replied by poking her thumb in the ice cream and saying, "I'm not putting my finger in my ice's my thumb."
Story#2" "I want a juice box, Daddy."
"No,Ellie. Juice boxes are only for the playground."
"Daddy, I wanna go to the playground."
What will tomorrow bring?

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Joan D. said...

The girls are adorable. So cute!! Congrats on your run Michelle - what an amazing accomplishment. Now, that's girl power!! Riley - nice to see your happy face and I loved the tree house.