Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogger Bandwagon

So, I've decided to join the blogger bandwagon for a few reasons:
1. Easy way for friends, and especially distant family to stay connected with our everyday happenings.
2. A good way for me to calendar our family events.
3. Keeps me reflecting, articulating, and writing.

And the name. Well, our family chose spirited for a trio of reasons:
1. Spirited: We're full of life as Ellie is enjoying the "twos" & our family is happily growing.
2. Spirited: We'd like to promise funny, quirky, heartfelt, writing (at least my best attempt).
3. Spirited: Wanted a way to express our spiritual thoughts and encourage spiritual growth.

Until the next entry...


Nancy & Nathan said...


Carri said...

Hi Michelle - thanks for inviting us :) Can't wait to follow along. Love you - Carri

j.a.s.e.e.e - rose said...

What a fun idea! We have bookmarked the page and look forward to popping in regularly - thanks!
John and Anna

Emily said...

Wahoo! We love this idea - can't wait to keep up to speed on all the Post happenings! Emily and Matt Thomas