Sunday, September 14, 2008


Last night was a bit of a weird night...eventful in an un-eventful way (does that even make sense? just keep reading). Around 4:30-5:00pm I loaded the girls up in their little red wagon so we could go for a short neighborhood walk. As soon as I hit the driveway I noticed a few police cars on our street & a few neighbors were bustling outside. A cop motioned for me to come over & he said I should probably go home because a neighbor was threatened at gunpoint by her boyfriend, and the boyfriend was still in her house (which is a few houses away from mine). Throughout the next half hour more & more police cars came, the street was blocked off & several cops with rifles were throughout our neighborhood. In fact, I stepped onto my back porch & a man dressed in a green camoflauge SWAT uniform popped out of nowhere & told me to get back inside (he was nice about it) & then proceeded to run across my back yard with his rifle. I never heard any gun shots & the police were gone around 9:30pm so I don't know what ever came to be of the situation (that's why I introduced the story as being un-eventful) but it was a lot of drama for our quiet, usually un-eventful street.

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