Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time with Mimi & Papa

Ellie & I had a lovely break from one another. Mim (pronounced Meeeem...Ellie's new nickname for Mimi) & Papa wisked Ellie away for several days & took her to their Michigan home. Ellie had a blast in Michigan & didn't get homesick once (although she did ask for me once after a brief spanking episode). I think Ellie's highlights were feeding the chickens, playing with her cousins (Ty & Asher), baking cookies with Mimi, visiting Papa at the sawmill, collecting pumpkins, reading Peter Rabbit, watching Charlotte's Web...& that's only from her first day home trying to tell me about all she did.

With Ellie in MI & Riley in TX Saedi & I had some nice alone time for the first time since she was born (almost 8 months ago). Everyday life with only Saedi felt easy & we couldn't seem to get enough of one another. She's such a laid back baby & I was able to find a bit of myself back again: I pulled out my sewing machine & had fun with new creative projects, I baked, & best of all I got on track with my morning quiet time again...refreshing!
Here are some of our pictures from the hotel during our pick-up session last night/this morning.


The Gramlings said...

I think it is great that you got that one on one! I had that oppertunity with my girls last winter and it was such a blessing. Glad you get your morning quiet time back, it is refreshing!!

Nathan said...

I love these people!