Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dance & Kindermusik

The girls have started their new classes- Ellie is taking Ballet & Tap & Saedi is enrolled in Kindermusik. Both girls are enjoying themselves, but it's especially fun because each girl is finally getting individualized attention.

Ellie's class is with 3-5 year olds & she's the youngest in her class. I don't go in the 45 min class with her. All the mom's wait outside the room and watch through thr glass windows. She's a big girl more Mommy and me! I think it's been good for her to be the smallest and observe the older girls instead of being the boss for a change. It's interesting, though, because sometimes I see her being shy and sucking her thumb when she's not as confident (I rarely see this side of her), but yet I still see her leader qualities coming out of the woodwork. Gotta love my spirited firstborn!

In Saedi's class all the baby's birthdays are within 2 months of each other. Saedi, like most 9 month olds, is crazy for music. Her favorite instuments are wooden sticks to bang and egg shakers to...shake! The best part is the one-on-one time I have with her. Saedi amazes me with how quickly she picks up new skills. She's an observer and a great listener. She's already signing milk, change, all done, and duck. She's got a more sensitive soul than her big sis and she's pretty confident doing her own thing.

I love my girlies!

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Jen said...

they are both absolutely adorable and growing so fast! i can't believe ellie is old enough to take dance classes...:)