Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankful For...

This Thanksgiving I've gotta say that I'm most thankful for Riley being home to celebrate the holidays with us. We had a gorgeous autumn day yesterday and we spent the morning going for a run as a family and then hiking with our friends, Jen and Emmy at Dunbar Cave. We took naps in the afternoon and played outside until dark. To top it all off we had a terrific dinner at the Cracker Barrel and no clean up afterwards! Hooray! We're looking forward to celebrating our "real" Thanksgiving at Dave & Jodi's house on Saturday night.

As for a "girls update" Saedi is very word curious. She's pointing at everything and wanting to know what "it's" called. She's enjoying touching all sorts of textures too. She begs to go swinging by going, "uh uh uh" and pointing outside. She's a smart little toot and is already signing milk, light, all done, more, please as well as saying momma, da-da, ball, woof-woof and trying to mimic what El says. She'll be 10 months tomorrow and is till only at 15 lbs...9th percentile so we go back to the dr in a few more weeks for anothe weight check. She eats like a orse so go figure!

El is her Daddy's #1 sidekick. They mow together, feed the birds, chop wood, rake leaves, drink hot chocolate, build fires in the fireplace, and most recently Ry has taught her how to use a computer. She understands how to use the cursor, backspace, identify her letters and can read Ellie, Mom and Dad. El had a blast decorating the tree this year and it's been fun starting new traditions with her. Little Miss also comprehends that her birthday is coming up and that she's almost 3. I think she mentions cake daily and I find her trying to sneak open Mimi's wrapped present that sits under the tree.

Lots of good times and so much to be thankful for!

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Ashley said...

Love the updates! Glad you guys are enjoying your time together. :) Cullen is really into computers too. He's mastered the mouse and loves to play games on Playhouse Disney and Noggin.