Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Good Man

On Saturday Riley wanted me to have a day to myself so he kept the girls while I took off at 7:30am and got home around 6:30pm. I spent the day getting my haircut and shopping in Nashville...all by myself. It was a wonderful day where I could go where I wanted to go and do what I wanted to do...on my own schedule. To top it off, Riley gave me some extra spending money ahead of time as a surprise. While he was away this past month the army was giving him extra money to cover his food expenses while on the road, but for the past month Riley had been setting aside a good portion of that food allowance (not going out to eat and eating lots of pb&j) to save up money to send me on a surprise shopping spree. Because I am a woman and I adore pretty things my spending money is almost always depleted or in the hole come the end of the month; needless to say, extra spending money was a terrific gift! Come evening, after I returned from my day on the town, he had already tucked Saedi into bed, picked up the house, fixed all the broken outside lights, raked leaves and had managed to have a great time PLAYING with his daughters. (And take some pictures so I could see) Needless to say, I have married a good man and sometimes it brings me to tears.


Jenny said...

That is so sweet! I'm glad you got some time to yourself and I'm sure you enjoyed it. The girls are getting so big, I am so excited for Christmas to see all of you!

Nathan said...

Good man, Big Riley.

Natalie said...

Michelle im glad you had that day guilt free, cause its really important for us, maybe Jesse should take a Riley pill...hahahaha...maybe ill just leave this page open on the computer so when he comes to use it he can read this....hahahaha