Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ellie Goes to the Dentist

Since Ellie's 3 it was time for her first teeth cleaning. We went to Dr Beauchamp, who was reccommended by several people, and I was impressed by everything about Clarksville Pediatric Dentistry. They had a game station and cinema station in the waiting room for the kids, and a beautiful display of Tazo teas for adults, and then a goodie bag full of a toothbrush & cover, sticker, balloons, sand timer, & flosser. El did great and her teeth are if we could get rid of the thumb sucking issue.

She was in her glory watching WalE...she didn't even know I snuck back there to take a picture.


Jen said...

that is cute! i'm glad you liked her...she's amazing! i'm also glad you were able to take pictures. i'll have to remember that for em's first teeth cleaning.

allyson (lewis) lillis said...

reminds me of everything i'm behind on! way to go supermom! she looks like she did awesome!