Monday, January 26, 2009


Just in the past few weeks Saedi has started taking an interest in books. She says book, signs it, and is especially fond of Corduroy Goes to the Doctor. Likewise, one of Ellie's favorite books is the popular, Olivia. There's a page in the book where Olivia tries to scare aware her pesky little brother, Ian, by making a monster out of a brown paper bag. El was ecstatic to make an identical monster...not so she could scare away Saedi but because 1. she's fascinated with monsters right now and 2. she loves cutting with scissors. We had fun making our monsters and then showing Daddy via webcam. Even Saedi got into it...coloring and trying to get the bag on her head. I don't always do a good job playing with my girls so this is one memory worthy of being noted.


Jen said...

haha! that is so funny...the pic of both girls in their bags. Corduroy Goes To The Doctor is still one of Emmy's favs.

Riley said...

prettiest monsters i ever did see. love you girls.

Laura Rosenberg said...

I'm so glad to hear you say that you're not good at "playing." I really don't like playing, but I read that even just 15 min. per day shows the kid that I care. BTW - nice monsters!