Friday, January 2, 2009

A Spewing Family Update

I keep putting off downloading my Christmas pics, but I guess I can atleast give a written update of our family. Riley and I had a blessed time in Alaska together just the two of us. It had been so long since we had alone time like that. The girls did great with my parents, and my parents, though exhausted, cherished the alone time they had with El and Saed. After Alaska we hung out in Ohio through Christmas day and spent Christmas with my family. All the siblings and cousins made it in for a happy reunion and I'm so proud of El and Saed with how well they fit in. It was good to see my fam sitting around the kitchen table playing cards like always. That's one of my special visions I hold to when we're apart. Next, we headed off to Michigan to be with Riley's family. Again, all the siblings and cousins trickled in so that we were all able to be together for a few days. It was a merry time with Papa's crazy stocking stuffers and Mimi's yummy food. We got to meet baby Addi for the first time and what a doll she is! On the 31st we spent the day driving back home to TN to enjoy some quiet, initmate family time. While we were driving, my mom was back in Ohio undergoing a mastectomy for cancer found in 3 spots. She is recovering nicely and we're still waiting to hear the results of her lymph node tests. The Dr is "cautiously optimistic" that the cancer had not spread but I think we're all in suspense until we get the final word (could be up to 2 more weeks). So, back in TN we unpacked just to have Riley immediatley re-packing and Saedi vomitting again this morning, but we've been enjoying the warm weather, getting back into CrossFit, seeing Nat and Jesse and just being home. Until I get the pictures downloaded...tootles!


Ashley said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. :( I will pray for a fast and complete recovery. Where's Riley off to now? We're excited, Sean will be home around the end of the month! Will be off to CO in a few weeks. Happy New Year to you all.

Nathan said...

Good update. Isn't it Big Riley's birthday today?