Friday, June 19, 2009


Lately, the girls have been playing together really well, and I'm noticing more and more how Saedi wants to be just like Big-Sis. For example, if Ellie's painting then Saedi wants the brushes. If Ellie twirls in circles yealling, "Mama Mama," then sure enough Saedi is right beside her. Even to my surprise, little Saedi climbed up the treehouse ladder & went down the slide (VERY fast) like she'd been doing it for years. And when she wiped out?...continued doing it over and over. Why not? Ellie's doing it. Ellie's enjoying her miniature clone, of course, but I'm wondering how much longer Ellie will enjoy all this copy-cat attention before she explodes on Saedi not giving her "enough space." (Hmmm...I wonder where El learned that phrase from).

On a different note, here's a fun cute happenings from our day today: El and I normally call Saedi, "Sissy" but today Saedi woke up from her nap first (very unusual) and immediately began asking for Sissy. So, all day Saedi refused to call her sister, Ellie but would only call her Sissy. I guess she wants to copy names, too!

We had a busy morning & I'm getting a nice break from the girls tomorrow, so I wanted to spend some quality time along with the girls tonight. We made bead neclaces (great garage sale find) and had a tea party with Daddy Doll. For our jewelry party El's attention spand lasted about 7 minutes, but Saedi had a blast dumping and picking up all the little beads. The tea party was much more up El's alley, and in fact, it's probably my favorite thing to play with El. Ellie served all of us, and Saedi made sure Daddy Doll came and got lots of hugs with his tea. El has become a pro at pouring and Saedi is drinking better and better from a cup. It was a fun day and it's days like these that remind me how blessed I am to be able to stay home with my girls, train them in the ways of the Lord, observe their explorations, & rejoice with them when they succeed at something new.

*Note on the Daddy Doll:
If you're not familiar with Daddy Dolls, check out for more info. We bought the girls matching dolls a year ago when we knew Riley was going to start travelling more. Saedi was a newborn then so it's fun to see her loving on it now. Saedi takes her doll all around the house. It's a pretty creative idea, these Daddy Dolls,and I don't regret spending the money on them.

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Londa said...

Oh how precious they are. I love keeping up with them. It's great to see them become friends that can play together!