Saturday, June 13, 2009

Silly Gourds

Last fall I bought green apple gourds at a local pumpkin patch to use for Fall decoration. When they began to lose their color and start rotting I threw them in the woods out back. Happily, I found them again this Spring. I soaked the gourds in bleach water, drilled a hole to empy the insides, and now the girls are painting them to make birdhouses. We'll see if birds ends up coming to nest in the gourds, but it's been a fun craft, nonetheless, and they fit the ambiance of our cottage yard.


KToth said...

Cute pic. Your girls are so pretty.
You let Saed-Saed paint in that dress? Either she is nothing like my boys, or you are good with the stain-stick. :)

Londa said...

Cute idea with the gourds! The girls look like they are having a good time. At our farmer's market, they paint the dried up gourds to look like real apples (yellow, apple green, and red ones) and they sell them for about $15 each! Maybe you have some mini-entrepreneurs in your household!