Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rollin' Out

Summer fun with the girls! These pics are from a few weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to post them. The first is our girlfriends going to watch Cinderella at the local theatre. Brookie was the most excited and sat with eyes glued to the stage; Emmy was laughing hysterically the whole time 'cause she likes to make people laugh; Ellie was confused as to why the stepsisters were really boys dressed like girls; and Saedi & Meadow sat contently most of the time until the word "snacks" was mentioned. The performance was about 45 minutes and the girls did a nice job sitting through the princess production. It's activities like this that make me grateful to have only girlies :)Fun times!

And the following two pics were just too cute! Most nights we go on a wagon ride before bed and the usual treats eaten in the little red caboose are popsicles. Brooke and Meadow joined us for this routine one night and the girls had a blast...what a load they were to pull, though!

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